Loading a Boar

by David Lee

Other than my delight in this poem, I can only express pure envy for it. It reminds me of Old Testament narratives, in which all the world is invisible and only the action matters.

This poem caught my eye, and I could not help but read it, and then I wanted to read it again. Thank you, David Lee.

. . . darned if you didn't do it, David

The simple words speak more than they say because inside them you can hear the grunts and feel the sweat and the mighty spirit of the rhythm and the up and down life of men and one boar.

I love this poem for its earthiness, directness, and frankness. It inspires me to stay with my writing.

This is the best poem I've read in a long time. I keep reading it over and over.

I'm probably showing my age, but I wonder why this is a poem. It's got wonderful presence, imagery, narrative drive, and a load of implications. Surely it is fine prose rather than poetry.

Wow. Loved this. I guess I'd describe this as poetic cookie dough, the more you read it and knead it, the better it gets!

Wonderful reflective poem. It's poetic gold!

OK! I love David Lee. His boar and honesty poem made me laugh--at him, at me, at any and all of us poets who try so hard to see over the hill when the poem is smack dab in front of our faces and maybe even jammed into our guts.

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