The Afterlife

A Story

by Emily Pease
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An astonishing, surprising and gut-wrenching story. I was thrilled to see Pease's work here, she's a terrific writer. Her work reminds me of Dan Choan, in its hypnotic accretion of poignant detail. This piece has such an original premise, surpassed only by its brilliant trajectory. Pease stitched this girl into my heart in such a deceptively casual way that I had to do some serious deep-breathing to make it to the end without hyperventilating. But it was worth it.

Fascinating view of an imaginative, but ‘unseen’ young woman. Though fictitious, Pease has nailed the less radical college scene of the 1960s when being ‘a lady’ was more important than figuring out who you were. Fortunately, most of us got over this stumbling block and went on to flesh ourselves out.
Kudos! to you, Emily.