An Essay

by Rick Bass
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This piece was mesmerizing, delightful and touched me on a personal level (it has that quality or feel). I'd never heard of Rick Bass before but am very impressed by this pastoral nonfiction. It reminds me of some nonfiction I've read from the New York Times's Verlyn Klinkenbork. After reading Wikipedia link on Rick Bass, I also heard Rick Bass's 1991 interview with Don Swain, available on the Internet. I would check this author's other works at the library.

I love how this piece keeps shyness as the theme and gives advice to the shy writer. Very personable.

Being a shy person myself, I laughed out loud at your descriptions. They were so easy to relate to. What a wonderful essay.

Had I been Jake, I would have opted to go by a different name, I think, rather than running toward McGuane. It's not convenient either way, I suppose.

I loved this essay. I loved the prose, the topic, and the theme. I am now a Rick Bass fan!