The Frenchman

A Story

by James Jung
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I lost my mom about a decade ago. She was a South Carolina belle with a secret past, and a previous marriage she kept from us until just before she died. We found out her first husband was a bomber pilot in the South Pacific, who, while stationed in Australia, married another woman there figuring never to make it home alive anyway.

Keep up the excellent work, as you no doubt will.

It was very interesting. I was wondering how such a situation and flow of incidents will be viewed in the Asian Indian Society to which I belong. A senior man entraining his wife to visit her male friend of strong-standing since youth. Her son and daughter-in-law caring and adoring her and accompanying her to meet with that rich and dependable friend.......It is all transparent and the manifestations are 'smoothly forceful'. A singular and beautiful variety of mutual attachment ideal for happiness. The love between individuals should be strictly personal transcending all other bio-socio-[etc.]divisions. Thanks to the author and the magazine.