Interview with a Moron

A Short Story

by Elizabeth Stuckey-French
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This young writer is anciently en-souled . . . original and fearless.

Wow. Great story about two very pitiable brothers, both longing for love after a life of emotional deprivation. Who is better off, the Subject, who is physically cut off from his world, or the Interviewer, who is emotionally cut off? Great ending, shows so much. The conceit of the lab report format works so well to emphasis the forced distancing between these two who need closeness so much that they must grapple, literally, for the sake of some contact. I will definitely continue to look for the works of Elizabeth Stuckey-French. Thank you for inspiring me to keep submitting to Narrative myself.

"Interview with a Moron" made me laugh out loud, not entirely unlike a caterwauling monkey, numerous times, and at its end, cry. What more is there besides think--which it makes me do too, even now. Thanks Elizabeth Stuckey-French and Narrative.

A beautifully rendered and engrossing story full of meaning. Well done!

An interesting treatment and a poignant story. I have read Writing Fiction, and it is the best. It helped me to start a novel and some short stories.

This story reminds me of what it was like to have an invalid sister who could get away with everything and I was invisible. I could relate to the interviewer. How much we all need love and closeness. Great story! Moving and ironic at the same time.

Brightly detailed observation of a twisted relationship, or maybe not even a relationship (because it's not reciprocal). It seems to be about Interviewer's unsatisfied yearning for affection from his older brother and his inability to receive it in the only way that older brother knows how to give it, which is metaphorically. Reading this story is rather like looking through a telescope at Richard's object and seeing the penny that is not there.