What Makes a Good Story Great

An Interview with Garry Marshall

by Lori Marshall
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Garry's right; finding our niche is one of the best things we can do. And if it worked for Garry, perhaps it will work for us too!

As Garry Quotes: "If it is not on page, it is not on stage." This is absolutely correct. I am From India and the films and TV programmes of our country prove this is true. Thank you, father and daughter.

I was immediately drawn to this piece the moment I saw the title, and it did not disappoint, although the ideas expressed by Garry Marshall were not entirely new. My overall reaction to this piece is better summed up in Marcel Proust's words, which Marshall quotes in his final statement: "Great discoveries are not always in seeking new landscapes, but rather in having new eyes."

Thanks Narrative for such a hilariously wonderful piece!