Our Fairy Stories

A Story

by Madelena Grossmann
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Breathtaking. Beautiful. Poignant. Thank you!

It is not very often that people like to talk about refugees and related problems. This is especially so when the topic concerns children. Madelena's story made me cry, and I want to thank the author for turning to human emotions and telling the story from a very humanistic point of view.

Thank you, so insightful and tender.

There is no doubt that Mrs Grosssmann has the ability to objectively process her insider knowledge of the refugee problem and, on the other hand, to emotionally condense it for the interested public and thus make it accessible. Her "Fairy Stories" are an example par excelance of the often missed balance between factual representation and moving testimony. Mrs Grossmann certainly proved her literary skills, but at the same time provided a convincing sketch of the children’s psyche in the refugee camps. And for that we are grateful to her.

Such a beautiful and painful story, I love the way she is writing showing us to open our harts and minds for this sad reality that is happening. This is not only a story, this is the reality that is happening on these days yet. A big bravo for the writer.