The Bridge

An Essay

by Sandra Sidi
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I loved this. So beautifully written, so honest. So terribly moving.

Thank you for expressing so clearly experiences shared by so many couples. Being a white Southern Protestant married to a Catholic Spaniard and raising two children together has brought me so many of the same challenges. Fortunately, our children are now very independent and successful adults, and our marriage has survived nearly 46 years, although the first priest we consulted to marry us was convinced it wouldn’t last. The second one should be smiling down at us now and flapping his angelic wings.

The bit I found most moving? The encounter between Rahm and the Palestinian restaurant owner. Now there's a bridge.

The main bridge that subtends the whole piece? The love between Sandi and Rahm.

Thank you.

Thank you so much for reading and for your very kind words, which mean a great deal to me and also to Rahm.