Good Neighbors

A Story

by Daniel Pope
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I really enjoyed reading this story. There seemed to be several themes running parallel to each other; all equally relevant. The twist towards the end was unexpected and, at the same time, quite understandable.

The story enlightened me on the pandemic’s stronghold on human interactions in “closed” apartment living. despite our daily routines, the strain forced an endpoint, crisis, and nerve destroying madness. Even the young baby cats were a barometer. Great story that held suspense and drama in these everyday pandemic prisons.

I feel like I'm not ready for pandemic stories yet but this one had a gravity to it that I couldn't escape. The ending felt simultaneously inevitable but unpredictable, like the end of the world. Sometimes being trapped isn't being unable to leave, it's realizing that you're something you thought you weren't. It's seeing all the evidence only when it's too late. We all think we're the good neighbor, don't we?

I liked the cats too. Also, I ship the narrator and Flora I think they'd be cute together lol.