Pain Management

A Story

by Grace Shaffer
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Absolutely loved this story . . . so we'll crafted and full of surprise and synchronicity. Excellent!!!

Seductive, visual trip through some very well-defined character's heads, and the ending leaves me with a quiet, admiring smile. VERY well done. Best short story I've read in months.

Lovely story

A delight to read. Immediately engaging, but also full of well-crafted details that only reveal themselves upon a second read-through. And written in a flawless voice - funny, distinctive, assured - that belies the author's youth. I hope we hear more from Grace Shaffer!

I was taken away from my own world and into Eleanor's!! I enjoyed the how the threads of Mark, Harriet and Roy were woven together. I loved the courage of Eleanor and Roy for playing the game!!

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Looking forward to more, Grace Shaffer!