The Accommodation

A Story

by Alexi Zentner
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An absolutely perfect story. Perfect tone, perfect pacing, perfect pov. I can't say enough good things about this piece. Bravo!

Alexi Zentner is a master in storytelling.

The inclusion of 9/11 took the story to a different level. I see here a creative take on the traditional narrative, linking amoral life and punishment for people's sins. The end gave me, as reader, a lot of breathing space.

Although I enjoyed the story, finding it most compelling, this is a curious tale of the submissiveness of some women--of the wish to please taken to the extreme, which, in turn, makes them merely an adjunct to the man. Despite the real life tragedy of 9/11, I wasn't sure I wanted Richard to return.

A brilliant story. I liked the workout this story gives my mind and sensibility, from the matter-of-fact amorality tinged with humor in the first part, through the plunge to tragedy, to the unexpected unreality of the ending.

Wow. A complete reversal of emotion, from brutal selfishness to hope. Well done.

Well paced, although I find the women very submissive; do they not have other lovers? Maybe, as the end implies, they have lost a real sense of passion and purpose in life and are seeking meaning, perhaps in the companionship they find in each other through the man they share as a solution to their own isolation.

Good, suspenseful storytelling. I loved the three women and the cooking. 9/11 was a surprise. I didn't know how it would end.

Am I the only one who didn't buy the whole set-up? The threesome just seemed to me to be a contrivance (or maybe a man's fantasy). I don't think women are that docile or "accommodating." Once the 9/11 sequence started, it was a wonderful description of the days events and the tension and emotion of waiting for someone, but it seemed the beginning was just a set-up for that emotional tension, it didn't ring true, to me.

Zentner eased me through a good cry and helped me remember that many of the stories from that day did have happy endings.