A Story

by Elea Carey
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What a beautiful and lyrical story and a slice of sadness tinged with love. Thank you, Elea, for taking that drive with us.

I really enjoyed this story. The tension created by her deception was the engine driving the narrative and I wondered where that would go. In the end, though, her issues weren't so much about Matt as they were about her need to find herself. The writing was wonderfully descriptive and the ending packed a punch.

Excellent work! I was drawn in immediately. There's nothing better than a story about someone trying to be good and failing.

I've just finished reading a story which gripped me right when I began reading it and never once let go of me until I reached the end. Looking back, it's the immaculate characterization that fills me with admiration for the writer.

This was such a well-crafted story. It drew me in with its subtle yet powerful prose style. The characters had such depth -- it felt more as though a friend was confiding in me, rather than reading a piece of fiction.

Well, I wanted to give you a compliment on your story, but so many have come your way all I can do is applaud and smile. Thanks.