Beautiful Things

A Story

by David Sipress
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Excellent story. Story upon story upon story, I should say. Interwoven. Tiny windows of humor let the air, and horror, out of the most difficult memories imaginable. Thank you, Mr. Sipress.

This is simply beautiful. I'd love to know Jake and Ray.

I really enjoyed this story. It kept getting more and more complex! Toward the end, I thought he was a little senile himself. I will be re-reading it to gain more insight!

Beautiful story. I love how you wove in things from the past. Also, Jake and Ray's relationship was so human, exasperating, and loving.

What a vivid characterization. Reminded me of my 82 year-old father who cares for my 80 year-old mother, also named Ruth. She has diabetes with complications including Alzheimer's disease. He has been dedicated solely to her care for over thirty years now. The actions of the main character and his feelings towards his wife were reminiscent of my father and mother. I live across the country from them and have only been able to see them once in the last 25 years so "Beautiful Things" was an especially poignant experience for me.

Great story--its poignant evocation of old age reminds me of Saramago's The Cave.

Beautiful. This is one of the most evocative and moving stories I have read in a long while - I was right there in the bank, in the park. Well done!

A beautiful, authentic voice. It was so real I could hear the character talking.

Thank you, Mr. Sipress! A wonderful story that made me laugh out loud in parts as well as gave me a chance to read a sensitive and insightful reflection on getting older.

Mr. Sipress, that is the kind of writing that inspires me to keep on writing for the love of a good story well told.