A Story

by Charlie Haas
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I really liked this story and am looking forward to reading the book when it comes out. Smart and witty.

Oh, man . . . In earlier parts of my life, I was a partner in a California advertising/marketing agency, and a beginning caver. The juxtaposition of Larry living these two simultaneous lives is just a hoot. I enjoyed reading this very much. Thank you.

Far and away the best I've read on this website. A story that laughs at the protagonist and has a soul. Great work, Charlie.

This is a masterly piece of social satire and a thoroughly enjoyable read. Charlie's novel comes out next week. I can hardly wait.

As previous commentators have said, smart and witty and masterfully done. I loved it! Really enjoyable, interesting, unusual subject matter, and very fast-paced because so well written.!

I've been a fan of Haas since his hilarious satire on social hook-ups. Check out his parody of "What Color is Your Parachute" which you can probably get used for a song. I enjoyed this one, too.