My Thanksgiving Procedure


by J. C. Duffy
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This was so clever, I found myself laughing out loud. Thanks for the smiles.

What I like best is the touch of irony and the nostalgia. Underdog is not unlike so many who are struggling to make ends meet, and he meets necessity taking a job because he has no choice, and then finds the good in it.

I don't think I'll ever look at the parade balloons the same way again! Very clever.

This was an easy read for me, sigh, and very enjoyable! Thanks for the pick me up!

It’s like Double Indemnity only with a happy ending; and no train accidents, insurance fraud or murder, unless you count an enema of cartoon proportions homicidal. Wait as second; it’s not like Double Indemnity at all. What the hell was I thinking? A very funny effort by Ole Black (Humor) Joe.

Nothing short of fantastic. Duffy reminded me of my childhood. Thank you.

I had no idea there was so much to laugh at about the test of the half century. I get to do mine again in 2009. Thanks for lifting my spirits for the test that's queerest.