The Women

A Story

by Tom Barbash
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This was a beautiful story. Thanks.

Very touching. Nicely crafted. I enjoyed it very much.

I liked Andy -- his strong voice kept me intrigued throughout. Thanks.

I love this story. What a wonderful surprise. I live a few blocks from there and grew up in the City, and that's part of my enchantment, but by no means all. Thank you, TB.

Beautiful, touching, and deeply felt. Thanks.

Wonderful ending. Those great moments where we break into a new life, with the old still all around us, both more and less relevant. Thank you!

Is this part of a novel? It could be, couldn't it? Just keep going. The narrative is structured like a novel--the story, flowing smoothly, surprising with sudden jolts like, "You can keep those shitty dinners." Think about it.

I love this story. Andrew became a man and discovered love in death. Life is a circle of events and emotions. I love it, keep writing. It does feel like a novel.

This is an absolutely amazing story. One of the best I've read in a long while. I can't wait to read more by Tom Barbash.

Very beautifully written. I loved the ending.

A moving narrative with complex characters. Well-paced and well-written.

Wow. The details and portrayal of emotions were superb. My wife died of cancer, and your story made me think I might need to talk to my son about it more. He seems fine, but reading "The Women" made me wonder whether more is going on than he's letting on. Very convincing relationship between your narrator and his father.