If I Could Speak Chinese

A Story

by Elizabeth Benedict
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A touching story, whose details still reside with me long after I've read it.

Very powerful.

Terrific. A sly, swift trip to the bittersweet limits of intimacy.

A very compelling story, written in a way that cannot help but grab readers and give them a frightening account of the experience of cancer and the love of a child.

I am so moved by these comments. Thank you to all who took the time to write and share their thoughts with me. This is extremely gratifying as a writer.

Beautifully written. A good Chinese friend helps Americans through the adoption process in Beijing and she has told me many stories about the families and children pre- and post- adoption. Benedict has captured so much of the experience. This should be read by everyone involved in the process both before and, for the child, long after. Thank you for doing it so well.

Charlene Pratt has a good idea. Agencies who help people with Chinese adoption (or people who do) should be made aware of this story. But of course there are many young people Lily's age or younger (or older) who might really benefit from reading it, who were adopted long ago. Maybe there's a particular magazine/online place for adoption, even Chinese adoption in particular? The story is so compelling, the character development is real--very touching.

A beautiful story told with insight, compassion, and humor. I can relate to the mother's silent heartbreak; the oblivious, self-absorbed daughter; the chemo brain; and the yearning for more. Thank you.

I loved this story. Elizabeth Benedict has described my own relationship with my daughter--who is neither Chinese nor adopted. Many mothers of grown daughters will relate. We know they love us even as they break our hearts.

I performed this piece as a Prose entry in my very first college Forensics competition and I made it into the final round and placed sixth! Thank you for such a wonderful and profound work; it spoke to me and allowed me to orally interpret it and hopefully it spoke to the other competitors and judges as well. I will always remember this piece as my first college trophy winning experience--thank you! My three children are so proud of their mommy's trophy and they even point it out when we have new guests over. I lost my mother to cancer when I was ten years old and now my oldest child is almost nine and it felt good to find a piece that molded so well to me. Thank you for giving this non-traditional student a chance to shine in the eyes of my husband, children, friends, coach, and most importantly in my own eyes.

I'm so sorry I didn't see this comment until now. What an honor to hear that you performed this and that it was such a success. I am very moved. Congratulations to you on your performance and your triumph! Thank you again.

Thanks for featuring this wonderful and surprising work.