The Complicated Coast

A Story

by Nicola Keegan

Wonderful language. Bending new meanings into common words through novelty pairings.

Funny and sad together in the best way. I've got to buy this book.

I've been planning to read your novel, but after reading this story, I have now moved the book to the TOP of my queue. Thank you for a remarkable coming of age story.

I had heard about your book, but as I was not in a full length book mood, I reluctantly began your story only to find myself sucked in and coasting along. Thanks.

This is a great story. Thank you for sharing it. You are a great writer. The saying that swimmers fall into two camps can pretty much be said about anything.

What a thrill to discover your writing. The story is great, and I especially like the irreverent warmth of your voice and language.

Very well written, great use of language, and intriguing. As a man (apparently the only man to have commented here), it's always a novel undertaking to read stories from a woman's perspective when the work deals with certain topics, in particular sex, because the suspension of disbelief is much more difficult to create. You do it superbly here, and your story was a pleasure to read.

My God, it's been a long time since I read a story with such a unique voice--distinctly feminine without being girly. There's something frantic about it. Frankly, I'm in love.

This was so very descriptive and real that I felt like I was there laughing, crying and grimacing with the rest of these future women of the world. Very well done. Adding this novel to my to be read list.

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