(What used to be) Dunkin’
Donuts, Miami Beach, Florida

April 2005

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I really like this story. These days I often see places which have closed down and it always makes me sad:
Because a familiar face is always reassuring, whether you go into the shop or not.
Because you wonder what those people are doing now. I always hope they moved on to follow a dream.
Because towns and streets seem to becoming more and more alike. There is a boring and worrying lack of diversity .
Because I know it makes me sound old but it seems that the world is shrinking , that our freedom of choice is diminishing, that we are being forced to all behave in an unnatural way on internet, on social media. Before our parents used to complain about our television culture, well that was the honeymoon now we are condemmed to a marriage with our smart phones, social conditioning and inability to flourish and socialise in the real world.
I wonder what age is the cutoff age. I'm in my early 50's but do 30 year olds feel like this too?
Long live Dunkin Donuts and diversity!!