Strip Job

A Story

by Stephanie Whetstone
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Enjoyed this very much. Held my attention. Liked the style of writing, the gradual unfolding. Hope I see more of your work here.

Really good writing and a poignant story. Something to remind us of our youth. I am wondering what she wanted the hole to contain, her grief, or her self? Suicide? It was a mirror of the mountaintop mining operation, which affected her greatly. I, too, was stuck in a small town like that and the emotions were genuine. I liked the way the message about the mountaintop mining was centered in the story and was her physical destination that night. Her goal was the hole in the mountain and the hole she dug was the mountaintop, a grave, and the emptiness of her life. Great writing. Keep up the good work!

Your story kept me interested and I like the tie-in between the drilling at the dentist at the beginning of the story and the digging near the end of the story. I wonder, however, where she wanted to go, if not here? Who does she want to be with if not the town boys?

I appreciated learning about small town Kentucky, sad as the reality of a coal mining town can be. The separate destinies for men and woman, symbolized by the mountain of dirt, created a clear and relevant final image.

Poor Janie, though I have some hope for Naomi.