Girl Friend

by C. D. Wright
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I'm having a little trouble visualizing "photogenic spit."

The syntax in this poem is interesting. It makes me pause to think about it.

I have to say I do not understand this poem. I have read it four or five times silently and once out loud.

Ironically, I love the unusual use of the punctuation (periods) in the piece and how it made me pull up short, which I think is some of the meaning.

"Girl Friend" has great movement; it's verse is subtle, yet the suddenness of the moment bursts forth.

Sometimes I need to let go of exact meaning to get the emotional resonance of a poem. I guess I try to be less left-brained and suspend my own need for literal understanding. Sometimes this works, and I can appreciate a piece without literally understanding every phrase--sometimes it doesn't work. In this case, it works for me. The lush and vivid imagery, the short punctuation, how the line breaks and punctuation stop the breath and the phrases . . . all work together to create a richness and movement that speaks to me. Always interesting how each of us reads and responds differently.