Lorrie Moore

An Interview

with Paul Vidich
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Well, since I love Lorrie Moore's writing I'm not surprised that I loved hearing her voice in this interview. I got the feeling that many of Paul's questions are valid to ask any artist, and I found myself considering how I would answer for my own work. I'm an actor, not a writer, but I especially liked Lorrie's thoughts about the critic or reviewer's voice: "Book reviews are a conversation others are having." and " . . . what reviewers say shouldn't have anything to do with your private commitment to your writing. If it does, you will lose your way." That answer certainly echoes my experience with reviews of my acting work, whether positive or negative in nature. We must stay true to our own process and story.

Thanks for this illuminating talk with Lorrie Moore.

The macrocosm in which Lorrie Moore operates is one we all wish could touch base with every now and then. Perhaps that would be a false claim or stupendous wit, but single mother or not, I would give up both thumbs to have a peek at her world.

Narrative, as always, knows best.