Between Here and Here

A Story

by Amy Bloom
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Engaging story and characters. Immediate immersion for this reader. Thanks.

I wasn't planning to read the story this morning, but I was pulled in immediately. It's a lovely, heartbreaking slice of reality.

From word one, a heartbreaking story thoroughly redeemed by love and Amy Bloom's brilliant humor. So glad I didn't miss this; she's a fabulous writer. I look forward to reading more of her work.

Like another reader, I only came to my computer to check my e-mail but couldn't stop reading. Bloom is a very good writer, and I will surely read more of her work, including the collection this story comes from. Growing up, I had girlfriends who had this very same type of father. I was the administrator of an assisted living facility in my part of Virginia for a number of years and have seen some strange behaviors of once lovely people, although this father was always difficult. Anyway, a very good read and I am grateful to Narrative for having it out there for all to read.

I admire Amy Bloom for her bravery in writing this story about such an angry, hateful yet functioning father. The father's final arc into a kinder person is heartbreaking, while the sadness and irony ring very true to me. Bravo.

I think a lot of writers have difficulty pulling in a reader with that first sentence or paragraph, but Amy Bloom made it look easy.

WOW! I, too, only intended to read my emails. This story touched me.

I enjoyed this one a whole lot. Great voice.

This was a very compelling story and I will seek out more by Amy Bloom.