In the Prime
of Their Lives

A Story

by Brad Watson
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I have read other work by this author and really liked him. This story--I don't know what to make of it. I know Watson himself, and no doubt many other readers, could explain it all and a light would, hopefully, come on, but as it stands now I would not recommend anyone to use their time in reading this story. I really hate to say that, because I must have overlooked something important.

Really liked everything up until the plot twist. I feel like I'm missing something or that I should understand it. But I really like the narrator's voice and the situation. Sounded authentic.

I enjoyed the story. As a young parent in the late sixties and earlier seventies, it was every parent's fear to have their daughter picked up for a date by a testosterone-infused young man driving a VW bus. The story held me, and the irony of the ending is wonderful. Unlike the sane characters, it took two barefoot “aliens” to share the joy of their marriage and pregnancy. The aliens wanted the baby, or at the very least to be part of the joy, as godparents. Perhaps love and insanity truly are soul mates.

"In the Prime of Their Lives" is an excerpt from the title novella "Aliens in the Prime of Their Lives," from my new book, which is now available in bookstores. The excerpt is the beginning of an 80-page story. If you like the writing, please consider looking to the book for the complete story. In its entirity, the novella, presents, I hope, a satisfying unity.

Really enjoyed this one, Brad. I'm going to have to order the book now.

Brad's writing is brilliant--I wanted to weep from the beauty of it. His characters are exquisitely drawn and he had me with every moment until, that is, the aliens appeared. I may finish story out of sheer curiosity as to how he could redeem this decidedly unbelievable plot turn.