Three Thursdays
in the Bronx

A Story

by David Prete
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Absolutely charming and heartbreaking. I was sad when it ended so soon.

The story telling is excellent; the time and place seem so real. Good dialogue and also good use of narrative where dialogue is omitted (readers get to finish the thought; that's nice). I'm old fashioned, would prefer a bit more closure at the end, but I get it--the symbolism, making choices, so much to choose from, etc. Nice work.

Engaged my interest immediately, and maintained that level of interest throughout. Thanks for sharing!

This brought tears at the end. It captured the era perfectly. I almost became Frances as I remembered back to my own experiences of the time. This is how I would write if I were so gifted . . .

I love this. The sweep of time, the closeness to "my mother," the intimacy with the community, the place, and time. One of the best stories I've read this year.

The omniscient-like feel of the story is great. I absolutely love the last page, where the writing is very poetic and lyrical.

I liked this story very much. I enjoyed the unique way it was told--it was captivating. Since I'm Italian, I could relate to the culture.

Beautiful. Takes me easily and willingly into the heart and mind of Frances, her friends, and her family. The one pearl earring kept forever in the tin box filled my eyes filled with tears. I want more.

Wonderful story. The personal and national losses of innocence are perfectly interwoven.

Lovely and understated in a good way. Unfortunately I knew a lot of boys who went to war in Vietnam and didn't come back, including my brother-in-law who died there in 1969. Also, I was born in Italy and grew up in a large Italian American family, and I felt this story deeply. Thank you.

This story continually got better the further I read. I love the way this story is told from the son talking about his mother. Unique and touching. I liked having glimpses into the future sprinkled around the present.

David Prete's work is so captivating and honest. He always has me wishing for more. Sad to see the story end.

Incredible pacing!

Loved the story. I felt as if I was living it alongside the protagonist's mother. I could actually picture it as I was reading along.