A Story

by Anthony Marra
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How to respond? I've been to Chechnya through this story. My eyes are burning. My hands are shaking. This is our world. How was I born here, not there and be so lucky? What can I do now?

Like the commenter before me observed: How was I so lucky to be born here, safe, where I live? This story is outstandingly well-written. So many beautiful, tragic lines. I will long think of all these characters.

Na zdorovye and a deep bow of admiration and gratitude to Anthony Marra for this extraordinary debut. I look forward to reading more of his work.

Wow--I am so sorry for all who suffer so incredibly much, yet Anthony Marra has, like Anne Frank, shown beauty in the total chaos of madness and destruction. This story is masterful in its mix of political and personal. Marra has filled in the blanks, knowing that we have not---that we turn away from this pain in our sense of helplessness. He has the generosity to give us the seed of hope, to teach us enough so that we may in some way, prevent this war and nip it in the bud.

Thank you.

Well written with fluid, interesting characters. A wonderful mix of horror, humanity, and day-to-day life as it has to be under such circumstances. You have opened the door with this short story, Mr. Marra, now we expect much from you.

I really enjoyed hearing Anthony read at Narrative Night earlier this year, and now, reading his work again, I have no doubt he is deserving of this prize.

Great work.

Some stories are cerebral; this was visceral. I'll buy your books. Definitely.

It is amazing when an author can bring the truth of human injustice to life so remarkably. Thank you!

This story puts a human face on the political. I could see pairing this story with the film Ezra and Akpan's short stories for a World Literature class. I'm looking forward to your novel!

Wow, this is truly amazing writing. Thank you.

What a beautiful story, with purpose.