Washed Away

A Story

by Michael Croley
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I sat down at a quarter past midnight and started reading this, though what I really wanted to do was take a shower and wash off the plaster dust that is sticking to the sweat from a humid day in Brooklyn after changing a light fixture earlier. But the fiction won out over the body grime, and I stayed put until I finished. My wife is Chinese, our story is the basis of my first novel. She has also sometimes wondered whether she traded up in staying here, to be with me. A friend of mine built a house in a small valley in West Virginia; I can just imagine the waste pouring down from one of the hills around it and rushing along the muddy road. Great job all around, good luck with the book.

What a heart-rending but uplifting story, with such honesty and depth. I won't forget these people. Croley writes powerfully, a kind of emotional chiaroscuro, in the darkness of the sludge and the light of human hope.

Terrific story!

Excellent story. Worth reading a second and third time.