A Story

by Pete Fromm

This story is right on the money--the right tone, the right voice, the right everything. Pete Fromm portrays his characters with a feeling and insight into MS that makes you wonder how he knows the condition so well--and yet you are afraid to know.

Amazing writing.

This terrific story, along with Fromm's other short published by Narrative, "Peas," are stories that can--if you are one of the self-absorbed and you're paying attention--change your understanding of the importance of relationships and the blessings of being well. Good stuff. Worth more than just the reading.

I especially appreciate the way the author was able to write from the POV of the opposite gender. I found it gripping.

Wonderful story. The author is able to make the characters come alive immediately, and the dialogue is fresh and real.

I'll add my praise to the list; I too choked up at the end. This is just terrific writing. I've ridden my bicycle in the MS150 for the last nine years and learned a little about the disease, but I learned the most just now.

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