A Story

by Paula McLain
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Like its title implies, this story takes you in and keeps coming back to "Trust." I found myself sucked into Torie's world, and enjoyed the twists and great lines, notably when she describes Mishelle's relationship as a "passive slide that only looked like love to strangers."

Wow, an engaging and honest look at how early experiences color our world.

Relies a little too heavily on personal experience (the '80s band names are a transparent grab for 'authenticity'), which isn't surprising given the author's memoir background, but it does attain a high level of reader immersion. The characters are thoroughly believable, not sketches. A solid conclusion also, nothing tenuous or vague, eschewing postmodern trickery and ascending into the title, nicely eliptical. Not quite Dubus's "Rose" or Lehane's Coronado stories, but not bad, Ms. McLain, not bad.