The Romance of Elsewhere

A Memoir

by Lynn Freed
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A wonderful essay. If only others with similar feelings were all able to afford Ms. Freed's method of dealing with them!

My own cycle of engagement, development, and detachment were there in Ms Freed's descriptions. "The Romance of Elsewhere" is an inspiring and beautifully written introspection. I look forward to following Lynn's writing further.

This wonderful essay gave me sudden understanding of my own childhood strangeness, my bewildered parents, and my marriage (as well as my inevitable divorce). I'd like to come back to read this again often, like calling up an old friend.

This brings home much of what I believe is the fundamental truth about writing: it empowers the writer to find proof of the conceivable, and when he finds it, he celebrates it with the voice of a free man, as demonstrated by Ms. Freed.

Bravo, dear talented Lynn Freed! This gives me added impetus to carry on, however I write.