A Story

by Tina Nettesheim
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What a fantastic story, Tina! I was really with the characters throughout the movement of the story. Very compelling, very real, and such heart and compassion! Bravo!

This is one of your very best stories of the week. It is full of compassion, understanding, and a family's love. It is also so well-crafted and believable, unlike many contemporary stories I've read. I also was glad to see that it is written by a first-time author. Bring us more. Congratulations to Ms. Nettesheim.

Tina, I love you, I am 80, have written two million words, wish I could write as you write. The content, of course, exactly life, but also so much the unconscious feel.

So happy this story is available for the world to read. It tells of a modern American family trying to deal with one of their own who has a big problem. Nice work, Tina! Take a bow.

I especially love the way you handle irony. A great story, just not particularly heartwarming. I'll be looking for more of your work.