Best Advice

by Richard Jones
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How lucky you are to at least have had the conversation.

This is what writing, and poetry in particular, is all about. Thank you for this.

This text struck me, awoke me, and closed the door on my vain delusions. I caught myself pondering the hardship inherent in following our fathers' wisdom and to walk steadily on life's genuine paths. Thank you for making me remember all that.

I remember struggling to get my father to talk with me, not at me. Maybe I should have listened more.

This is a fantastic piece. Very moving and honest. Though I am close with my own father, it still made me think about the things we do and do not talk about, taboo subjects, and how I could still be much closer to him. Thank you for this golden nugget.

A lovely exchange between a son who dared to know more and a father who accepted the dare, challenging the poet to capture life's essence in the fingerprints on a tie clip.

Beautiful. The journey from not talking to suggesting a sky burial is a huge leap. Courage is not just shown on the battlefield.

Your story about your elderly father moved me and brought my dad back to me. To the end he had a sense of humor, through the pain.

Though my story is slightly different, in many ways it’s the same. Also from that generation I found the same inner strength and wisdom your dad showed to be a tremendous quality. They just got through the problems confronting them and overall came out just fine and satisfied.

This is an excellent piece of work.