Best Advice

by Kim Addonizio
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It looks to me like you are doing really well--lots of honors. However, I know from experience how demeaning it is to teach part time. I always felt like an "other" and it doesn't help in universities where tenured professors refuse even to meet or speak to adjuncts.

I can't wait to read your poetry! Best of luck.

Great advice. This is a place all writers either are, have been, or are soon to be again. Bravo for pulling through, especially considering all the accolades glimmering in the left-hand column.


Don't worry. My students, if not your own, are your passionate fans! They leap all over me when I enter the room, pawing, licking, and wagging their big tails, snuffling for your poems in my folders. Their reviews are all positive.

Love it! Even those of us who are not professional writers feel like that whining dog from time to time. This image will stay with me.