Dim Lighting at the Afterparty

A Story

by Dave Bausch

Reads like a first chapter to me. Let's have the rest!

Dave Bausch paints beautiful pictures with words--he is a poet/songwriter I'd like to see more of.

As a recovering alcoholic, I can certainly relate to that particular part of the story. I see the contact with the muralist as representative of the beauty in the world (even in NYC) that we often don't see because we are too caught up in our own lives. I love the fact that the artist is an Albino (a "clean" slate) and then the main character is off to meet the artist's family and fans, so there's the potential of seeing a whole new beautiful world through them and with them. Thank You, Dave.

Great story. You left us wanting more. Excellent.

Great story. An excellent example of matching the size of the idea to the size of the piece. The cultural juxtapositions brought out the narrator's character, and the wry observations about "office life" were spot on. Like any good short work, there is much implied that is off stage. Precise control of language and pace. I want to read more of Dave Bausch's work!

I really enjoyed this, but it felt unfinished. As another person commented, it seemed more like the first chapter of a novel rather than a short story.

Looking forward to reading more of Bausche's work.

I want more of this story, please. Beautiful from beginning to . . . ?

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