Shirley Hazzard

A Profile

by Lacy Crawford
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A beautifully written profile of the writer Shirley Hazzard, a master who creates delicate magic with her words. I am currently savoring "The Transit of Venus."

The lyrical language used to tell the story of Caroline Bell in Transit of Venus, captivated me, so I was pleased to learn more about Shirley Hazzard and her Australian origins. Even more interesting was the moment in history that forged her as a writer writer and honed her writer's eye and palette. What strikes me most, reading this profile in March 2010, is the progression of this woman--from limited professional advancement at the UN to be given the freedom to write full-time while married to a well-established and financially solid writer. How far we've come as women, as writers . . .

What a treasure. Thank you for such a clear glimpse into a beloved writer.

This interview is simply beautiful. Lacy Crawford has done it again. She knows where the gold lies and has the artistry to make it shine with the kind of insight at which we love to marvel. Shirley Hazzard is a treasure and I'm thrilled to read about her in Narrative!

What a life. What love, intelligence, and style. What a beautiful, masterful piece. Bravo, Lacy!

A gorgeous piece of writing, Lacy. I've always eagerly snatched up any snippet about Hazzard, and here you weave together the books and the life seamlessly. I'll reread her once again with even greater pleasure. Thank you!