A Memoir

by Tom Grimes
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I loved this excerpt from your memoir. It carried me forward, thrust me into your rejection attitude, included me in your fear, and flung me high when Frank Conroy called you with praise and top scholarship. Congratulations for hanging in there. You are a good writer.

Using an exhortation near the beginning of the memoir from Frank Conroy on how to write, and your example of what one learns from him, was a great introduction into the world of yourself, the writing life, and Frank Conroy!

You perfectly captured waiting with outrageous optimism and impotent anger. How thrilling that moment must have been when you were plucked from purgatory--and you hung on to it with your first- and third-person thoughts. Thank you for your brave essay.

You made me appreciate your rejection--pretty rare, I think.

Thanks for this excerpt, Narrative, as it gives me a chance to laud the entire book! This book is my first foray into studying nonfiction as an art (and a life) that I am destined to pursue. I loved every minute spent following Tom from his life as a wait-person to published writer and finally, MFA director. What a ride! Thanks, Tom.

The suspense, the delay, the understatement. Just great, Tom. Thanks.