A Story

by Lee Smith
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Have read every published thing written by Lee Smith and loved this story. She is an excellent writer. Many years ago took a writing class from her at VCU in Richmond, Virginia. She is also an excellent teacher with a generous and understanding heart. Always read her first when something new pops up. Thanks for this nice story, Lee.

I loved this story, with its blend of humor and sadness. Thanks.

I love Jeffrey! What a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing it.

Fantastic -- a perfectly charming and clever little story with a wonderful character arc. To think I have just discovered Narrative magazine. If this is indicative of what Narrative has to offer, then I've been missing out for far too long. I've never read anything by Lee Smith before, but this makes me want to gobble up all of her work.

Great ending. Thank you.

Lovely story! Jeffrey reminds me a bit of the daughter described in Tillie Olsen's "I Stand Here Ironing."

I am new to Narrative, and if Lee Smith is here, your magazine has some great writing. I have known some people like the ladies in the story; however, Jeffrey was truly fascinating and touched my heart. Lee Smith has a way of introducing the reader to unforgettable characters and is a true storyteller.