Do You Have a Name?

A Story

by Elizabeth Bloom Albert
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Very, very good!

Gripping and illuminating. A wonderful story!

Ms. Albert demonstrates that by successfully harnessing the little used second person "you," an author can heighten the narrative tension transmitted to the reader.

Amazing! Albert achieves so many effects with her story. It is interesting, gripping, and it has so much social as well as psychological realism. Above all it is dramatic and exhibits a technical mastery over the melding of the second person narrative and the flashback technique.It's a story I would always like to go back to.

I wonder if the second person is about the distance between the author and/or reader to the characters and their milieu? "You" have told us this story because "we" have not lived anything like it and could only have learned it from "you."

Wonderful, engaging. The only flaw is that it ended far too soon -- meaning I was so enraptured, I could have read more of the same for hours. Brilliant!

A very impressive story written by a woman from the point of view of a man. Even more impressive given the cultural insight, by what I assume is an outsider, into this very interesting milieu. I agree that the use of second person adds power to the story. I do feel somewhat deprived by the abrupt ending, though it definitely is appropriate. I feel there is so much more in the lives of these characters that I want to read about. Perhaps this is a novel in the making.