A Story

by Alicia Gifford
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At last, a story I really like! "Afterlife" is first-rate and oh so artfully done. Congratulations, Alicia Gifford, and a bouquet to you, Narrative editors.

It's like I can taste your words. Well done, Alicia!

True grit!

I love you, Alicia. And I love your ending in "Afterlife" more. Nice, nice job.

Very tragic, but I liked the style . . . It read to me like a journal or diary from the beginning.

I have to read Nancy Drew now because I don't have any Xanax around to cope with the tragedy. Yeah, I know, they're not real people, but what a fab job of making me feel like they are. Made me cry and not in an entirely bad way. Loved the interwoven big words and the use of section breaks. So well done. Merci.

Well told. I wondered about the blood on Sam's car after the hit. Part I liked best was in the restaurant, Samantha waggling her fingers at Axe.

You had me clinging to every word, from beginning to end.


I just finished reading "Afterlife." I don't often get to read a story that is so completely overwhelming. Thank you for making this remarkable story available to the reader. I'm awed by the writer, too. She is very perceptive and incisive in her storytelling.

Thank you all so very much for reading "Afterlife" and for the heartwarming comments. I'm overwhelmed, seriously. If you want to read the hit-and-run story, "Toggling the Switch" is in the Narrative archives; I'm working on a novel-in-stories revolving around the incident.

Again, I'm so appreciative of all your comments and grateful to Narrative for publishing "Afterlife."

Dear Alicia, What a heartbreaker! I love your voice in this and it reads like a novel already. You have created such rich characters and poignant events, with so few, but assured, strokes. The loss of Freddy, even though you set us up for it, made me gasp. I very much look forward to reading more from you.

Alicia, what a beautifully human story. I really like the way you develop Jody's and Sam's relationship, as the typical teen exploring emotions. It brought me back to my own high school days of curiosity through temptation. You set Jody's struggle wonderfully and sadly. Thank you.

Fantastic! Just fantastic! Loved it!

Marvelous and shattering. A very strong exploration of growing up and of coming to grips with the difficulties of life. I look forward to your book.

What a brilliantly conceived and beautifully written story. It could be so easy for this subject matter to be sensational or clich├ęd but the skill, sensibility, and writing turns this narrative into poetry.

I found it absolutely compelling and spine-tingling in the best possible way (especially that last line). The characters are terrific. An absolute pleasure to read.