Silk & Silk

A Story

by Jerome Charyn
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A compelling read with intriguing characters and a harsh, gritty view. I love Charyn's descriptions, how they tell us so much about the character's state of mind, as well as the narrator's perceptions, such as in her recognition of her father's downfall and demise.

We get an equally clear impression of her mother's character and relationship with both her husband and daughter when the narrator tells us "she had to let her list all her grievances against Daddy and wait for that brush fire to burn out." It's interesting how the narrator sees everyone else as being out of control, but it's not until her dark obsession with Raul that she recognizes her own issues.

I will definitely be reading more of Jerome Charyn's work.

I loved the dysfunction, the humor, the eccentric characters, and the believable, pathetic humanity of it all. Lovely story.