At the Wrong Time,
to the Wrong People

A Story

by Cara Blue Adams
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Candy in Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men faces the same choice as this main character--unwittingly accepting the fate of one's ailing dog. Cara Blue Adams mentions the ex-husband and home repair--broken home alongside a broken relationship. Nice analogy!

I am shocked at the lack of emotion in the story's characters. Without providing any names, the author has made it hard to create any attachments, and this carried over to the treatment of the obese dog. The force-feeding of the dog, coupled with its death scene, made me wonder about the author's intentions. The vet should surely have known that the dog shouldn't have been fed before it received its lethal injection--or would he? It seems that his appearance is of more importance than his compassion, throwing the dog's body as he did.

I was moved by this story. Beautifully written.

This is my favorite story of the week so far. I had the opposite reaction to P. Cosgrove and found the story full of emotion that was too overwhelming for the main character to do anything about. I found it very believable for a character under so much stress to do something as illogical as force-feed her dog and then decide to have it put down that day. Thank you, Ms. Adams. The way your character's pain manifests itself is beautifully done.

This story was especially poignant for me, as I am currently trying to help an old dog stay alive a little longer, while at the same time enabling a chronic alcoholic to die a little sooner.

I had an emotional reaction to this story complete with tears.