He Has Gone to Be with
the Women

A Story

by Benjamin Alire Sáenz
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Having taken his class and knowing only of his fame around campus, I stumbled onto the book in a used book store (dedicated and signed for someone else, I bought it) where this short story is the first in the collection. I have to say the heartbreak in this story is irrevocable, I felt attached in a new way to the subject matter, having grown up in the border land, an the story hit me in a way that made me feel more for the women that have been victims of this. I think that is exactly what he wanted to convey, to allow readers who may not have had first hand experience with what has been going on in Juarez. I like the message that everyone can be affected by the violence on women, “He has gone to be with the women.” That line hurt and made me think of all the women in my life that I love and would do anything for.