Classified Ad Help/Instructions

How do I place an ad?
To place a classified, go to the Add Your Own Classified page (see the link in the yellow tab at upper right of this page and then in your title, select a category and subcategory, enter a description for your ad, and provide a link to your website and how you want your link to appear, and select how long you want your ad to run. You may also choose to include an image and a highlight color with your ad. Preview your ad.

If your ad is free, click the "Publish" button to send your ad for review.

If your ad requires a payment, click "Pay and Publish" and enter your payment details and click submit. Once your ad has been reviewed, you'll receive an email verifying your ad has been scheduled for publication.

Whenever you compose an ad, instead of publishing the ad, you may elect to use the "Save As Draft" button. Then the ad will be saved to your ad management page, where any and all of your ads will be listed. There, you can use the "edit" link to access any ad, and then change it, pay and publish it, and after it is published you may also turn it off or back on during its publishing period.

You may also use your ad management page to renew expired paid ads. (Expired free ads cannot be renewed; instead, a new free ad must be placed.)

Where is my ad? I don't see it on the Classified front page.
All ads are reviewed before being published to the Classified front page to ensure they meet community standards. Once an ad is approved, usually within a day, the ad will appear on the Classified front page, or on the date the ad is scheduled to publish.

While the ad is being approved, it will appear in your ad management page, and the status of your ad will be listed so that you'll know whether approval is pending or has been made, turning the ad to active.

How do I turn my ad off?
Find the ad you'd like to turn off on your ad management page and click "edit" link.

At the bottom of the ad edit page, there are two status buttons, "On" and "Off." Choose “Off” and save your ad. This will unpublish your ad.

Note: Turning an ad off during its period of publication does not extend the paid-for time of publication. Nor will turning a free ad off extend its period of publicaiton.

Can I turn my ad back on if I’ve previously turned it off?
Yes. On your ad management page find the ad you'd like to turn back on and click "edit" link. At the bottom of the ad edit page, there are two status buttons, "On" and "Off." Choose “On.” If no other changes have been made in your ad, it will automatically republish. If any other changes have been made in the ad, it will go to our approval queue for review before being republished.

What start date should I choose for my ad?
Because all ads must be approved before publication, it's best to place your ad a bit early to make sure your ad is approved before its scheduled start date. We recommend choosing a start date at least two days ahead of the date you place your ad.

Why can't I add an image and highlight to my free ad?
Free ads are text only. If you think you might want to add an image or highlight your ad, we recommend placing an ad in one of our other categories instead.

Can I place a free ad for more than a month at a time?
Free ads run for one month. If you'd like to publish another free ad at the end of the month, you may do so by simply creating a new free ad.

Do you allow custom ad categories?
Unfortunately, we don't allow custom categories. Choose the category and subcategory that best describes your ad. If we have any questions, we’ll contact you at account email address.

Tips for placing an effective ad:

Titles: Make your title is clear and to-the-point. You want to encapsulate the essence of your ad in the title to encourage someone to continue reading. Think about how someone would search for your product or service and use those words in your title.

Categories: Choose the category and subcategory that best fits your ad. People are often looking for a specific type of product or service. The more specific you are in choosing a category and subcategory the more likely someone will find your ad. Our system helps you do this by requiring a subcategory to be selected in addition to a general category.

Description: Effective ads communicate their significance in as few words as possible. Take the time to compose a clear and descriptive ad. Don't rely on your potential customer to decipher what you mean. Most people will decide whether or not your product or service is right for them before they ever click the link your website.

Image: Images are not required, but may help your ad stand out, providing people with a better sense of what you’re offering. When selecting an image for your ad, choose an image that represents the most important or enticing aspect of product or service. Additionally, consider using a landscape image instead of a portrait image to better catch the viewer’s eye.

Preview: Always preview your ad to ensure the ad appears exactly how you want it to appear to your readers. This is also a great opportunity to catch any errors or typos. We will do our best identify any significant errors, but you are responsible for the overall quality of your ad.

Do you have any further questions?

Please email our ad manager, or call 415-814-3329.