Love Anthology

Auden famously wrote, “O tell me the truth about love,” and in this season’s collection of love-inspired pieces, we present writers who do just that. Observe Richard Jones and Jane Seskin as they capture the evolution of relationships through time—Seskin in just six words. Or turn to the shadowy side of love with Benjamin Alire Saénz, who paints the story of a partner wrongly entangled in crime, and with Susan Minot, who invites us to witness a messy affair. Reunite with old lovers alongside Taha Muhammad Ali, and with Joyce Carol Oates, who summons the incandescent heartbreak of a widow remembering her husband. Closing our anthology, reflect on the magnificent power of a mother’s love with Komal Mathew. Lovers everywhere, cozy up with these offerings, grab your chocolate, and indulge!