Solo Notes

Solo Notes: January–May 2007

Monday, January 14, 2007


Reached page 300 today. About five more pages to go on chapter 14, “Tildy’s Struggles.” Then I will make a new file and begin part 2 of The Red Nun, chapter 15, with some 2007 emails between former classmates Maud Norton Martinez in Palm Beach and Rebecca Meyer Birnbaum in NYC.

I washed and dried my sheets and put them back on the bed. Went to Sunfrost and bought a roasted chicken, roasted vegetables, and a vegetarian shepherd’s pie, all made today for the Martin Luther King weekenders who’d rather spend the money than make the dishes themselves. Got home, read the paper, gave each cat a chicken wing. Now they are both on the clean sheets, the chicken wings with them in various states of diminishment.

This has been a good day. First the milestone of getting to page 300. That’s over half the book or more. And I know so much more about the shape than I did a year ago.

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