Bridesmaid, Revisited

It’s hard to say why Marlee wears the bridesmaid’s dress to work today. It isn’t because she has an unconscious desire to be let go from her job as a receptionist—Marlee has been consciously desiring that since she started working there six months ago. The job is strictly to pay the bills.

It certainly isn’t because she has a fondness for the dress itself. The dress is tea length, with a shiny black sleeveless bodice and appliquéd flowers lining the scoop neckline. The full black dirndl-type skirt is printed with huge red and white roses and fluffed out with taffeta underneath. It looks like something an American Girl doll might wear to a movie premiere, but even American Girl dolls have better fashion sense.

But still, it’s a dress and Marlee reaches for it. This is the kind of decision that comes from being slightly hungover and experiencing a laundry crisis and being forced to get up too early. (Circumstances that have brought about the downfall of many people.)

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