Geppetto Also Made a Mother

There is nothing imaginary about a piece of wood. It has its life, like you or I, and returns to the ocean. Gravity won’t allow the wheel to roll up a hill. Having no imagination, a piece of wood doesn’t care if it becomes a fan blade, a coffee table, or a little wheel on a wooden horse. Real marionettes have no strings. Real horses, arriving at hills, may or may not climb them. This has nothing to do with free will, an invention of purely academic interest. The Chinese invented stirrups, and their hills have been covered with horses ever since. On a clear day, the ocean goes on forever. Like Oedipus alone on a hilltop, this is a literary device used to demonstrate the value of beachfront property. Italian literature has never had room for gravity. Like you or I, it has its life, returning always to the ocean. It doesn’t care if it becomes something to cover a coffee table. Strings pull real wooden horses. This is an example of the imposition of free will on inanimate objects. There is nothing imaginary about the historic importance of the stirrup’s role. On a clear day, it is possible to see wooden storks clouding the air.