A party and reading with

at the home of Chris and Vicki Harding
Greenwood, CO

(Click here to see pictures of the event.)

Early last winter, snowstorm after snowstorm fell on Denver, closing the airport, burying highways, and stranding startled travelers and locals alike in a region familiar with snow but used to three hundred sunny days a year. The storms kept coming, and as the time for Narrative’s Denver party approached, we considered renting a dogsled instead of the 4x4 we had reserved, or scrounging snowshoes from a Denver friend who used to be a Maine guide.

Earlier, in November, another of our parties narrowly missed being rained out by floods in Seattle, and now we doubted we’d be lucky enough to catch a break in the weather a second time. James and Kay Salter were planning to drive over a mountain pass from Aspen to Denver, Rick Bass would be flying in from Montana, and other friends were traveling from various points. How would everyone get to the party if the weather didn’t let up?

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