Editors’ Note

Welcome to the new Narrative!

August 2008 marks our Fifth Anniversary, and we’re celebrating by bringing you a revamped website that is faster, bolder, smarter, and much easier to navigate than our classic site, which, admittedly, we loved and are letting go with some regret and instant nostalgia. But in the new site, you’ll find the same high quality of literary interest and entertainment as in the classic site, as well as added benefits and new features, beginning with a vastly improved, indexed, cross-referenced, and easily searchable Library of all our contents and authors.

Each author now has a page dedicated to his or her works in the magazine, and our features such as Readers’ Narratives and First & Second Looks as well as our Narrative Prize winners works and those of contest winners can be quickly reached via sections tabbed on the Library main page. Story Lists that offer works related by theme (Sex, War, Writing) can be accessed via the Library and have been linked on the home page in order to bring forward authors and stories from our back issues. These lists will be periodically updated with fresh themes and offerings.

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