Narrative Night 2014

Everyone loves a great story. That was the resounding message of this year’s Narrative Night, when Narrative’s friends and family gathered to celebrate eleven years of reading and writing in the digital age. The night began with a warm welcome from Narrative’s cofounders, Carol Edgarian and Tom Jenks. Traci Des Jardins and her staff at Jardinière provided a sublime dinner and kept the wine flowing while we enjoyed readings from established masters and rising stars. Tobias Wolff read from his new novel. Narrative Prize winner Anthony Marra introduced this year’s Narrative Prize winner, Kristin Valdez Quade. Lynn Freed had everyone in stitches. Dexter and Nurse Jackie showrunner Clyde Phillips told secrets from the writing room. And Susan Orlean closed out the night with a bang, reading an unforgettable story about firing a gun at a wedding. In short, it was the perfect night to revel in the many ways that stories inspire, enliven, and tickle us in all the right places.

Narrative Night Authors

Left to right: Lynn Freed, Tom Jenks, Carol Edgarian, Clyde Phillips, Susan Orlean, Tobias Wolff, Kirstin Valdez Quade, Anthony Marra

Tom Jenks, Traci Des Jardins, and Carol Edgarian; Jane Lancellotti, Clyde Phillips, and Carol Davis; Susan Orlean and Ariel Zborowski; Anthony Marra; Guests at the Narrative Night cocktail reception; Joachim Bechtle, Nancy Bechtle, and Nion McEvoy; David Leof and Bridget Quinn; Julie Newhall and George Newhall; Jeffry Weisman and Jane Breyer; Yaya Cantu and Sandra Lloyd; Carol Edgarian and Tom Jenks; Maryam Muduroglu, Paul Nahi, and Sandy Sherman; Colleen Leof and Steven Wright; Ella Wise, Rees Sweeney-Taylor, and Sheila Nahi; Catherine Wolff, Tobias Wolff, and Isabelle Higson; Paul Weaver and Lynn Freed; Michael Krasny, Kay Walker, and Joachim Bechtle; Tom Jenks

Narrative staff

Jack Schiff, Mimi Kusch, Ian York, Jane Lancellotti, Tom Jenks, Carol Edgarian, Bridget Quinn, Tiana McKenna, Kipp Lyons, Richard Smith, and Mike Croft

Listen to Susan Orlean reading at Narrative Night 2014:


    Susan Orlean at Narrative Night 2014 (10:14)

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